From start to finish, stay one step ahead of your project using resources and services from our collaborative partners at FSU. 

FSU Office of Research Development: Collaboration Resources

The Office of Research Development offers plenty of resources to help you find Co-PI's and other potential research partners! 

Collaborative Collision

Created by the Office of Research Development, Collaborative Collision is an interdisciplinary networking program to connect faculty with complementary interests, expertise, and resources.

Research Mentoring and The Research Mentor Academy

Connect with experts in specific funding agencies for peer reviews and discover faculty research mentoring resources.

Research Skill Development

The Office of Faculty Development & Advancement hosts professional research development events, writing groups, and more!

Clinical Collaborators

Find collaborators for clinical and translational science through the Office for Clinical Research Advancement (OCRA).

Team Science

The Team Science Workshop (led by Dr. Carla Wood) series is designed to build the knowledge base for effective team science. Scholars will gain an understanding of teaming in research and identify ways to improve how scientists interact and integrate across disciplinary, professional, and institutional boundaries.

FSU Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program

Undergraduate students engage in research, gaining experience working with faculty and research teams in their area of interest.  PI's gain assistance and advance the institutional mission by providing hands-on research opportunities to students. 

Florida ExpertNet

Find experts at any Florida university to collaborate with.

Tools and Resources to Locate Funding

The Office of Research Development provides a unique module to help researchers find funding for their projects. 

CRC Internal Funding

The Council on Research & Creativity sponsors a variety of research and programs.  

FSU Grant Lifecycle

The FSU Grant Lifecycle provides an overview of the research proposal submission and administration process so you can manage your funding.

Sponsored Research Award Administration

FSU Sponsored Research Award Administration manages pre- and post- public awards.

FSU Research Foundation

FSU Research Foundation manages pre- and post- private awards.

Proposal Budget Resources

Need help budgeting your project costs?  Office of Research Development has you covered with resources such as a budget workbook, budget calculations, budget justification examples, and more.

Research Decision Trees

The Office of Human Subjects Protection (OHSP) provides resources that guide the regulations of research involving human participants.  Decision trees provide PI's with guidance about how applicable regulations may determine outcomes in the human research regulatory review process. 

Proposal Development Resources

The Office of Research Development (ORD) provides start-to-finish resources to help you develop your research proposal.  From examples of successful proposals to grant writing to fund management, the ORD staff will work with you to ensure your proposal is a success.

Write Your Data Management Plan

Most agencies require a Data Management Plan (DMP) as part of the award proposal.  FSU Library data specialists can help you navigate the online DMP tool and provide review, feedback, and edits to your DMP.

Research Design Consultations & Survey Development

FSU Libraries research and data specialists assist with research design consultations, survey development, navigating data warehouses, and more.  Schedule a consultation today!

Plan for Your Other Data Management Needs

Research Compliance provides information regarding federal regulations regarding data management for institution research.

Prepare for Research That Will Contain Protected Health Information

Protected Health Information (PHI) needs special consideration when designing your research project. This guide will help you address PHI within the HIPAA Privacy Rule.

Templates & Required Forms for Human Subjects Research

The OHSP provides templates for research protocols, assent & consent forms, debriefing forms, and checklists for researchers to download.

FSU Office for Clinical Research Advancement 

The Office for Clinical Research Advancement (OCRA) provides guidance, tools, resources, and facilitation to help faculty, staff, and students successfully navigate clinical and human subjects research at FSU and with community healthcare partners.

Research Compliance Resources

The mission of the Office of Research Compliance Programs (ORCP) is to ensure University compliance with federal, state, and local regulations regarding research. Their site has guidance and regulations regarding compliance with research activities.

Regulatory Compliance for Clinical Research

The OCRA (Office of Clinical Research Advancement) provides resources for clinical regulation compliance.

Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) for Researchers

CITI provides high-quality, peer-reviewed, web-based training materials for FSU researchers. Any researcher who's research needs to go through IRB approval (see below) must obtain a CITI certificate for required human subjects protection training. Remember to use your FSU email account during CITI registration to ensure your certificate gets sent to and stored in the FSU system!

Student-Led Human Subjects Research

The Office for Human Subjects Protection (OHSP) provides information for student researchers. 

HIPAA in Research

The Office for Human Subjects Protection (OHSP) provides an overview as well as detailed resources regarding HIPAA compliance in research studies. Research involving human subjects may not begin until reviewed by OHSP or the Institutional Review Board (IRB).

FSU Institutional Review Board (IRB)

The FSU IRB is a committee composed of scientists, non-scientists and unaffiliated (non-FSU) members that review proposed human research to ensure the protection of human subjects' rights and welfare.  Learn more about the IRB by clicking the link above, and you can view the current IRB members here

Review Process for Human Subject Studies

The OHSP provides detailed descriptions and instructions for researchers regarding FSU's review process of a research proposal.

FSU Research Administration & Management Portal (RAMP)

Researchers are required to submit their studies for review using the FSU RAMP system, which tracks the review process as well as PI's and Co-PI's (and their training/certifications) assigned the project. 

Access Data Repositories

FSU Libraries offers access to data sets through data warehouses and repositories.


Create Non-Health Information (or non-PHI-capturing) surveys through Qualtrics.  Qualtrics helps you build, distribute, and analyze data through it's database, and FSU students and faculty have free access to this tool.


Create PHI-capturing surveys through REDCap.  REDCap surveys are backed to a HIPAA-compliant server, and FSU stores data in the HIPAA-compliant Research Information System.  

Gain Skills to Collect, Analyze, and Visualize Your Data Sets

FSU Libraries offers workshops on various open-source and licensed software, including R, SPSS, Stata, Jupyter, Tableau, and more.  

Schedule a Consultation with a Data Specialist

FSU Libraries offers Data Specialists to assist you in working with your data set and with analysis software.  

Clinical Data Security and Biostats

The Office of Clinical Research Advancement (ORCA) provides resources for secure data management and will soon provide biostat services!

Download Microsoft Power BI

FSU faculty, staff, and students have access to Power BI, the data visualization and dashboarding software as part of the Microsoft Office Suite package.

Create Maps with ArcGIS and QGIS

FSU Libraries provides support to researchers who need to create maps of their data. Click above to schedule a consultation.


Publish your datasets with DOI's in FSU's open-source online repository, DigiNole.

Open Publishing Resources

FSU Libraries provides tools and information to publish to open sources. 


FSU Libraries provides web hosting for digital and data-driven projects

Copyright & Licensing

Learn about copyright & license for your project.

Intellectual Property & Patenting

Learn about IP & patenting from FSU Office of Commercialization

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