FSU is taking bold steps to establish and grow Big Data expertise and capacity in the biological, social, and health sciences. This site is dedicated to that effort.


For FSU to improve its competitiveness for attracting contracts and grants from federal, state, and private sources, strategic investments must be made to support the research needs in the life and health sciences, related and supporting big data research.  Accomplishing this will require a campus-wide effort that includes collaborative investments and expansion of FSU research, academics, information technology and research support activities.

 Three main efforts have been initiated:

  •  A new Health Data Sciences Institute which will leverage FSU’s expertise in the health and social sciences and strengthen interdisciplinary engagement in research and training to expand current and future growth.   
  • The development of reliable, secure, easy to use, and convenient computational, storage, visualization, and data management services that build on our existing expertise, strengths, and resources.  
  • Creating an interdisciplinary research culture that consists of the engagement of broad segments of the campus in health big data activities to create collaborative research efforts and provide training and professional development opportunities for faculty, staff, and students.