Research Information System

About the Research Information System

The Research Information System (RIS) is FSU's new, secure technology that will allow researchers to collect/import, process, analyze, and export data.  The RIS will be HIPAA-compliant, meeting federal regulations and guidelines for federal agency awards that require secure storage and access to PHI (protected health information). The HDSI team is currently seeking research projects that are in development and can work with the team to provide requirements in a proof of concept technology system. For more information contact Kennetha Anderson.

Benefits of the Research Information System:

  • Flexible environment built to your research specifications
  • HIPAA-compliant environment for collection, storage, and analysis of PHI
  • Tech support plus researcher autonomy for a supportive research-focused environment
  • Data specialists to help you navigate technology and your data sets
  • Cloud-based system allows PI's to focus on their research instead of worrying about server and processor upgrades
  • Virtual Desktop access & customized tools available through the Virtual Desktop infrastructure

Microsoft Azure

The Research Information System exists within Microsoft Azure, which offers an array of free tools and software for researchers.


Azure Products & Tools

Become an HDSI Research Partner

We are looking for research projects to participate in the development of the Research Information System (RIS).  As we continue to build the RIS, these projects will help us best learn research requirements and specifications for future research use.  PI's who pilot their projects in our system will receive personalized dedication from the HDSI team, a HIPAA-compliant space for their PHI data, a virtual desktop to work in, and more. If you are interested in partnering with HDSI, contact Kennetha Anderson, HDSI Project Manager.

Last Updated: Thursday, August 26, 2021 at 10:51 AM