About HDSI

In January 2018, Dr. Sally McRorie, Provost and Executive Vice President, and Dr. Gary K. Ostrander, Vice President for Research, convened the Health Big Data Task Force to explore FSU data needs across behavioral, biological, biomedical, and health related research efforts.  The committee confirmed the need for a centralized Health Data Sciences Initiative to address health-related big data needs across campus and recommended the formation of an implementation committee, led by College of Communication and Information Dean, Dr. Larry Dennis. 

The HDSI is part of a larger university-wide effort to expand big data resources for faculty and students, and as a joint effort from the Provost's office and the OVPR, will require a sustained and significant commitment of resources.  The initiative, as currently envisioned, will eventually evolve into an institute that includes two research/training centers, one focusing on basic life and medical sciences, the other on applied clinical and social sciences, public health, and policy. It will focus on interdisciplinary team projects that address research data challenges, will offer graduate student support, and will train graduates and undergraduates in the technical skills they will need for future career success in health sciences.





2021 Updates

Since the HDSI committee was established in 2018, various teams have been working to accomplish projects and tasks that ensure the HDSI continues to move forward.  As of July 2021, a technology infrastructure work team has created a cyberinfrastructure environment dedicated to processing and storing health data in compliance with HIPAA regulations. The open-source REDCap application is being established to provide researchers with a secure way to collect and store health data from various types of research projects.  Pilot projects are underway, and the teams continue to work to ensure FSU PI's will have the necessary support in order to be on the cutting edge of health data research. 

HDSI Steering Committee

(Chair) Dr. Larry Dennis - College of Communication & Information

Dr. Farrukh Alvi - College of Engineering

Dr. Rick Burnette - Office of the Provost & Information Technology

Dr. Laurel Fulkerson - Office of Research

Dr. Jeff Joyce - College of Medicine

Dr. Sam Huckaba - College of Arts & Sciences

Dr. Mark Horner - College of Social Science & Public Policy

Michael Meth - FSU Libraries

Steering Committee Meeting Notes & Presentations

Original HDSI Task Force Members

Meet the HDSI Program Team

Dr. Larry Dennis serves as the HDSI Program Chair.  Dr. Dennis is a professor in the College of Communication and Information and has been with the initiative since 2018.  Read more about Dr. Dennis here.

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Kennetha serves as the HDSI Program Manager. She works for FSU IT as a Project Manager and has been with the initiative since 2020

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Joe Brigham serves as lead of compliance and security for the HDSI.  He works as the Program Director for IT Compliance at FSU and has been with the HDSI since 2020.

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Mary Stephenson is the lead for the HDSI Infrastructure team.  Mary works at FSU as the Director of IT Server and Storage Systems.  She has been with the initiative since 2020.

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April Lovett is the lead for HDSI Onboarding & Outreach. April is an Assistant University Librarian and Director for Health Data Library Programs.  She has been with the initiative since 2021.

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Grant Macdonnell is the Medical Informatics Research Director at College of Medicine. He is part of the BERD team, and has a background in computational biology.  Grant's experience ranges from database development to implementation of machine learning algorithms and mobile app development. He's been part of the HDSI team since 2019.

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HDSI Work Teams

Infrastructure Work Team:

Mary Stephenson (Lead)

James Beary

Jason Carter

Daryn DeBoer

Jason Grimes

Breeze Howard

Dave Lambert

Scott Pigott

Jason Smilovitz

Corey Webster

Johnny White 

Travis Zimmerman

Compliance Work Team:

Joe Brigham (Lead)

Robyn Blank

Rick Burnette

Denis Burns

Mark Chang

Scott Dunn

Bill Hunkapiller

April Lovett

Grant Macdonnell

Michael Nichols

Semhal Redda

Jason Smilovitz

Bobby Sprinkle

Howard Stone

Paul Van Der Mark

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